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Purge Internal Wind Liquid (8 Ounces) by Kan Herb Company


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This formula dispels internal Wind by subduing the excess of the Liver, nurturing
Yin and Blood, and clearing up Heat.

-Eases occasional severe headaches, dizziness, vertigo, eye pain
-Supports healthy blood pressure
-Soothes occasional intermittent abdominal pain with gas, or cramping of the
 diaphragm, stomach, and intestines
-Supports coordination, helps relieve occasional stumbling or uncoordinated gait
-Symptoms worse from over-stimulation, bright light, loud noise, drafts, or sudden
 changes in barometric pressure

1-1.5 dropperfuls, 2-4 times per day. Shake well before every use.

In Pinyin:
Shi jue ming, Gou teng shuang, Sang ji sheng, Ba ji li, Jue ming zi, Tian ma,
Bai shao, Huang ju hua, Ye ju hua, Sang zhi, Sang shen zi.
In common:
Abalone shell, Gambir stem branch and twig, Loranthus twig, Tribulus fruit,
Cassia seed, Gastrodia rhizome, White peony root, Yellow chrysanthemum flower,
Wild chrysanthemum flower, White mulberry twig, White mulberry fruit.

Water 55%-65%, Alchohol 18%-22%.

-Suspected or ensuing stroke

Use only as directed by your health care provider and seek their advice if pregnant or nursing.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature, keep tightly capped and out of direct sunlight.


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